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Man Auditions for Band, Horse walks through wall and Kicks him in an effort to warn against Decision

David Boyle, a local goat herder and guitarist, made the decision to audition for Purusa some weeks ago. In a supernatural chain of events, one of his horses went to great lengths to warn him against this decision.

“On the night of my first audition, one of my horses literally threw itself through a barn wall. I had to cancel, and couldn’t believe it when the band wasn’t really even surprised.” -David Boyle.

It is well known that the only population less interested in Purusa than the record industry, are horses. When asked about this phenomenon, lead guitar player Zach Hinkleman replied -“I don’t get it. Horses have always had something against this band. Pigs? They love us! I’ve always like Pigs better anyway.”

“I knew Dave had a horse” reported drummer, Andy King, “I just didn’t actually believe that an animal could have such disdain for a band. Boy was I wrong. I mean, I’d heard the stories, but I thought it was just another excuse for our poor showing at the Clark County Fair.”

Dave was able to make his audition eventually, quickly won over the members of the band, and was subsequently kicked by his horse. He is recovering well and managed to lay down some killer bass tracks for the new album before this latest frantic effort by his equine guardian. Perhaps Dave will be the bridge between the horse community and Purusa that has always been so sorely needed.


Purusa Learns How to Spell 'Portland', corrects website cover page

In a stunning surprise, members and fans of the band Purusa (7 people total) report that the band has just learned how to spell the name of their hometown, Portland, OR. "P-O-R-T-L-A-N-D!" touted drummer Andy King with glee during our interview in a nearby dog park. Purusa newcomer, Bob Wall, said that he had major reservations about joining a band with such obvious disregard for detail, and grammatical ignorance. "I mean, how do you F that up? I noticed a few years ago on their website and didn't say anything, but now the joke's on me since they somehow tricked me into joining the band" said the bassist during a short and remorseful phone interview. We were unable to reach guitarist Zach Hinkleman as he was turned up too loud and unable to hear the phone ring. Kris Kirkman, who sources say is responsible for the error, and its correction some 3 years later, did not return our phone call. Locals say a man resembling the singer has been seen in a strange hat, clearly the result of a vacation impulse buy, and ill-fitting sunglasses near or around the SW Portland area in recent days. One thing is for certain, this correction marks a new age for the literately awakened foursome. With the burden of this embarrassing spelling-error-monkey off their backs, the band is sure to open a fresh can of rock and roll whoop ass tonight at the White Eagle in Portland, OR.

-Del Griffith, reporter for Bands Unsigned    

20 years of changes

Hey Folks. It's been a crazy Spring/Summer for us here at Purusa HQ. A couple of our families have been beset by serious medical issues and it's taken a toll on us for sure. Everyone is doing OK and we are grateful for what we have and who we have. This combined with insane work schedules has kept us out of the rehearsal space more than we'd like. But we are still here! We are still working up songs for the new record and planning to record this Fall/Winter. To those of you who have contributed to our GoFundMe Campaign for the new record - we appreciate not only your contribution, but your patience! We can't wait to get into the studio, make the best record possible, and play it for you. 

It has occurred to me over the course of this last year that Zach and I started this band in 1998, 20 years ago. I was still in college and it was just Zach and I for that first year or so, playing coffee shops, and wherever we could get a show. The band has been through a million changes since that day in 1998 and we continue to change and adapt today with the departure of Andrew Marshall.


Andrew has played a HUGE role in Purusa, during some of the most formative and successful years the band has ever seen. Zach and I met Andrew at Tommy John's, in Salem, a long time ago, and somehow convinced he and his bassist, Michael, to join Purusa. The four of us played hundreds of shows together, spent countless days in vans touring up and down the west coast, recorded a couple albums, hit #1 in local artists sales in the Oregonian, opened for a bunch of huge names, and made a lot of memories, some of which are better left out of this writing.

Andrew was our drummer, and a good one, but more importantly he was committed to Purusa, he loved the music and believed in it. He co-wrote excellent songs with Zach that we still play today. Recently, when we found the formidable Andy King on drums, Andrew quickly took up the bass and did a phenomenal job learning the instrument and keeping the band moving without a hitch.

Andrew made the decision to leave Purusa in the last couple of weeks for personal reasons, including a desire to spend more time on his own music, which I truly hope comes to fruition. He is a great singer and songwriter. We will miss you Drew, your fashion advice, your dirty jokes, your grasp of the music and killer arrangement ideas.


We're excited to announce that with just the right amount of chloroform and blatant lies, we were able to coerce Bob Wall to join Purusa on Bass. Bob is a friend, through a series of small world ridiculous coincidences, and an incredibly talented bassist. We are lucky to have him and excited to take the stage with him in this next version of Purusa. Much more to come on that and a nice slate of summer shows in the near future. Hope to see you out this summer.




The Ken Session



We had a great session with Ken Stringfellow this week, fine tuning the songs that have so far made the cut for our next album. Huge thanks to all of you who have contributed to our GoFundMe Campaign to help make this record happen. It was educational, inspiring, humbling and just plain cool working with Ken and we can't wait to hear how this new album starts to come together.


We are recording a new full length album. we need your help!

Hey Folks! We are getting set to record a new full length album, our first since 2004. We have some really exciting ideas and plans for this record and we want and need you to be a part of it. We have always been a band that has self funded everything we have done, but this continues to get more difficult in our current music business climate. We are trying our hand at crowd funding for the first time and we're excited about bringing you into the process. There are rewards for every level of donation, in addition to the massive gratitude and love that you will bring us, and donations start at just $25.

Please click the link below to see how you can support making this new album a reality: 





Meet Purusa



Major T.V. Networks Licensing Purusa Music!

Six of our songs from the album Repair, and the new EP Soundtrack, are being licensed by MTV, Discovery Channel (and its 40 subsidiary channels) and the NASCAR Channel. We will keep you posted as we learn more. Hopefully your TV sets and streams will be invaded by a steady stream of Purusa Tunes in the near future. We are most excited about this opportunity to get our music out there. 


R.I.P. Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell was a major influence and inspiration to everyone in Purusa. At a recent acoustic show, Zach and I paid tribute to him with one of our favorite songs of his. It's been an emotional couple of weeks, but at the end of the day, we are left to celebrate Chris' impact on us and the music world. Thank you for the motivation, the challenge to be better and dig deeper, and all the beautiful music.    


Hey! We're Hot Sheet! 


New EP, SOUNDTRACK, Released!

We are proud to announce the release of our new 3 song EP, Soundtrack. Please have a listen on our MUSIC page right here on the website or preview on iTunes, or wherever you purchase and stream your music. Enjoy!  


Purusa music featured in award winning local indie film 'vicious' 

Check it out! This award winning local indie film features some of the first music ever recorded by Purusa - 


click/look below to read some reviews of our album, 'Repair'


The Big Takeover "Repair" Review:

"Due to a bitter breakup in 2004, this Portland, OR foursome never issued this completed 2003 second LP, despite praise for 2001's 101 EP and 2002's debut Spectacle. A 2014 one-off gig led to the band's reunion and now, Repair's belated release. Their robust, resounding music hearkens to the early 90's; imagine Gin Blossoms/Toad the Wet Sprocket alterna-pop crossed with heftier Pearl Jam/Screaming Trees grunge. But their cinematic rock also summons Radiohead and Catherine Wheel on "You're Strange" and "Man of The Year," while the direct drive of "Surrender" and "Bottom Out" suggests Swervedriver. Each is enhanced by the expansive guitars of Zach Hinkelman and Kris Kirkman, and the brawny bottom-end of Michael Izaak and Andrew Marshall. Kirkman's ardent, authoritative croom (and Posies/Disciples man Ken Stringfellow's piano, on two tracks) provides further purpose to cheer Purusa's "repair." ("

-Mark Suppanz



Purusa is honored and STOKED to be playing Hempfest this year in Seattle, Aug 20th. Look for us on on the Ric Smith Hemposium Stage at 4pm!



We are in the studio for the first time in many years to record new music. Look for an EP late this summer if all goes well.